Complete Resources Correct Solutions.

Design Build:

Ceron's ability to listen to you, the owner, and clearly define your goals in the developmental process is supported by our 30+ years of experience. This allows Ceron to service your needs through our vast library of license professionals, project managers, superintendents, contractor, sub-contractor, suppliers and vendors.

By staffing the project with construction professionals during the planning and design phases, the team fully understands your project goals, technical details and key issues before construction begins. Once it is time to start construction, our team is already and on the move, executing the job in accordance with contract documents, and building a successful project. Cerons Design Build approach is the best and most successful way for you to build On Time On Budget.

Construction Management:

Ceron's undeniable experience and know-how in the design aspects of construction, gives you the owner, a "world-class EDGE."

As a Construction Manager, we assist you in all aspects from the pre-construction phase through project closeout. Our goal is to form a world-class team that will not just meet your expectations, but exceed them. This is done by Cerons active involvement from listening from design phase, to closeout. Our extensively knowledgeable and experienced team works directly with you by openly communicating with one another to ensure that projects are completed with high quality workmanship ensuring your satisfaction. At Ceron, "Satisfaction is Guaranteed."

Pre-construction services:
- Planning, Goals and Tasks
- Value-Architectural and Engineering Recommendations
- Project Estimating
- Construction Feasibility Reviews
- Identification of Long Lead Items
- Subcontractor Bid Coordination
- Project Phasing and Logistics

Construction Phase services:
- Project Master Schedule
- Project Safety
- Contract Administration
- Project Coordination and Management
- Quality Control
- Change Order Management
- Project Close-out
- Coordinate Client Move-in

Post construction services:
- Acquire Temporary Certificate of Occupancy
- Collect contractor, subcontractor, suppliers, and vendors lien waivers
- Submit comprehensive closeout package inclusive of warranty and maintenance programs for equipment and materials

General Contracting:

Ceron's understanding of Design Build and Construction Management allows you, the owner, to benefit from our vast general construction experience. Ceron is a client liaison and manager of the construction process from the bid and award through project closeout. We also apply our expertise in architectural and engineering construction process and solutions to your projects. This type of service fits well with clients who are looking to bring in the construction team after the pre-construction design process is complete. Ceron works for you on "Knowledge Well Founded."

General Contracting Services include:
- Project Master Schedule
- Detail Lump Sum Contracts
- Site Safety / OSHA Compliance
- Permit & Expediting Services
- Project Scheduling
- Document Administration (including Purchase and Change Orders)
- Project Supervision
- Timely Completion of Project Tasks
- Coordination of Owners Vendors
- Coordinate Client Move-in
- Project Close-Out and As-Built


Ceron sub-contracts. Our long established understanding of Design Build, Construction Management and General Contracting services benefits you when we sub on your project. Cerons experience smoothly transfers to a role as subcontractor. We develop and complete the subbed-out portion of the project with the same expertise and precision we supply on projects with a direct relationship to the owner.

See what we have done.

Why we do it?

We believe that our work, our service to you, is to treat you like a family. We will go out of our way to provide you with the best quality, service and satisfaction with each finished building or construction project. We won't try to provide the cheapest solutions on the market. What we do promise is to deliver you top quality on a reasonable timeline at a competitive bottom-line cost.

Our highly professional staff is here to help you in every way possible... from site visits for pre-construction planning, to budget review and critique to finding ways that help you save on time and materials. You will also see the owner personally checking on each construction project to insure that you are getting the quality that Ceron has been known for over 30 years.

You will find that we are here to get the job done... right, for you.

Ceron's team of experienced professionals will bring to your project Complete Resources Correct Solutions that are On Time - On Budget with the world-class EDGE where Satisfaction is Guaranteed on a Knowledge Well Founded since 1979.