Being "old fashion" is a new thing.

Ceron has been a part of the community for over 30 years. Being part of something that long we have learned many things. One of those is to live and work with an mindset that today may seem "old fashion."

At Ceron we have an "old fashion" business approach and commitment to quality, integrity and a well-managed budget and timeline. You will experience that commitment from our service and finished buildings or construction projects.

However, don't mistake old fashion with slow.

Ceron takes the project deadlines seriously. Delays cost you money and one of our commitments is to manage the timeline, which has a positive effect on the bottom line.


  • Port Authority Certified
  • MBE Certified
  • DBE Certified
  • Union - Open Shop, Prevailing Wages

History In Brief.

  • This work of Ceron began in 1979 at the Exxon Refinery in Linden, NJ
  • In 1980 work progressed to the Picatinny Arsenal in NJ
  • From 1983 - 1989 a flurry of projects from Gateway plaza III and IV to Trump Plaza, Holiday Inn, Marriott and Hyatts were completed.
  • With demand increasing Ceron became official and founded a corporate office in 1989.
  • The 90's brought work from Neward Liberty International Airport overseeing renovation projects for major airlines and the Monorail project.
  • By the time we reached this millennium, Ceron had started work on The Tunisian Embassy to the United Nations, Caviar Rush Restaurants in NY, NY, Historic Renovations of the National State Bank building and the Trenton State House, the Elizabeth Parking Garage, the Linden Airport, various schools, churches and the list goes on...